October 31, 2013

Pop-A-Lock was founded in 1991 by law enforcement officers from Lafayette, Louisiana. After unlocking countless car doors, two dedicated policemen realized that there were no trustworthy automotive locksmiths in the area.  They also realized that the need for trustworthy locksmiths wasn’t just in Lafayette, but also across the country. So they began franchising the business to others who shared a belief in the principles required to be a trusted locksmith and today people all over the US, Canada and Australia rely on the reputation of the Pop-A-Lock name.

Pop-A-Lock of Northern Colorado upholds the standards that have shaped this company into what it is today. Pop-A-Lock of Northern Colorado is the number one locksmith in the state, and we have proven why time and time again through our dedication to service and the community. We offer a large number of services for your home, car, or business.

As a gift to the community, we offer a service called PALSavesKids. PALSavesKids is a free service of rescuing children from locked vehicles. If you make the unfortunate mistake of locking a loved one in a vehicle, call your local authorities (who, because of our reputation with them, will call  Pop-A-Lock of Northern Colorado) or call us directly.  We will make this call our priority.

When you need the services of a dependable, affordable locksmith, call Pop-A-Lock of Northern Colorado. We are the only locksmith that has an unmatched track record around the world. Call us at 970-282-1706. We’re ready for your call 24 hours a day.