January 13, 2014

I was reading through some Pop-A-Lock blogs the other day, and one of them had a story that got me thinking. The story was about a technician who got a call about a woman who was locked out of her mobile home. She went to walk her dog and ended up locking herself out. It happens more often than you would think. Considering this was a mobile home, it’s usually a really quick job to get it open. I continued reading the story. According to the technician, the woman wasn’t outside for very long, and he arrived on time. When the technician arrived, he saw that it was a mobile home and was able to shim the lock within seconds and get the woman back inside. Job well done, right?


When it came time for the technician to give the customer a bill, she questioned that she would have to pay his full service call charge (which she had been told on the phone) for just a few seconds of work. She did pay the technician, but this got me thinking. Is working too quickly a double edged sword? On the one hand, you get somebody back into their home, car, or business very quickly, but on the other hand, will the customer believe that they were swindled out of their hard-earned money?


So, here is how we respond to these situations. We explain that our charge reflects not just the few seconds of work, but the gas to drive to and from their location, and most importantly, the training and expertise that have gone into becoming a technician who can quickly resolve their problem. We also offer quite a few tips and suggestions as to how the customer can avoid the situation in the future. (We have suggestions for certain “habits” customers can follow to avoid getting locked out, and for locations for spare keys that no thief can access.) Lastly, we let them know that there are some disreputable locksmiths who will refuse to give a full price quote over the phone, then “act” as if your lock was particularly difficult and time-consuming, and then over-charge the customers.


At the end of the day, when you call Pop-A-Lock, the cost of the door being opened will be the same price whether it is ten seconds or ten minutes. There ARE in fact some locks that are more difficult, but our price does not go up. We believe our customers, who are already delayed and inconvenienced by having gotten locked out, prefer that we get them back in as quickly as we are able. Being good at your job is important and it takes lots of training to be able to open a lock quickly. So, if you find yourself in the same situation, don’t hesitate to call Pop-A-Lock of Northern Colorado. We can be called 24 hours a day at 970-282-1706. We’re ready for the call.